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The Role of Orchestrated Authorization in a Cloud-native Environment

Cloud-native software has become a defining element of the large enterprise. It facilitates the implementation of changes at scale and powers a flexible working environment, enabling organizations to promote growth, accelerate innovation and improve productivity.

A cloud-native environment builds and executes applications leveraging the distributed computing created by a cloud delivery model, assembling and deploying batches of code through an automated process based on a CI/CD pipeline. These automated processes expedite updates within applications, highlighting the need for more sophisticated management and security practices.

In a large enterprise, authorization strategies must be scalable, centralized, and flexible. For cloud-native authorization to function, users should have standardized security protocols that enable them to securely access information stored in the cloud or within cloud-based software, regardless of their physical location.

Orchestrated Authorization is an approach to access control that addresses the needs of the large enterprise, bringing flexibility to authorization deployment. This flexibility is necessary for more seamless integration into an organization, which starts with a unified process for policy-building.

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