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A practical guide to implementing Orchestrated Authorization in three phases of growth

Enterprises that are looking to adopt an Orchestrated Authorization strategy are not trying to serve just one app at a time, but are looking to adopt a vision that could seemingly support every application and resource in their purview.

To successfully execute this vision, they must be methodical and thoughtful in the approach, while not resorting to ‘boiling the ocean’.

Growth models are phased approaches to managing change. In the authorization market, this involves solidifying key milestones at each stage of the implementation process, which can vary depending on an organization’s history with authorization. Executing an Orchestrated Authorization strategy lends itself well to the crawl, walk, run approach, as it enables organizations to align with the strategy in phases while addressing early challenges.

As with any growth model, each phase has a set of steps that reflect how the strategy is scaled across the organization.

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