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Policy Visualization: Accelerate trust and compliance

Policy Visualization: Accelerate trust and compliance

Visualize access results based on current policies - instantly. from authoring through to deployment and eventually auditing.

How we do it

Turn authorization policies into authorization intelligence

As an enterprise that needs to continuously prove compliance, whether formally through third party regulators or via internal requirements, you must ensure visibility into authorization policies so you can prove the right people are accessing the right information.

Whether you need to adhere to a complex regulation or achieve a Zero Trust strategy, it is not enough to just deploy authorization policies. You need visibility into how those policies are executed and orchestrated amongst the user community.

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With policy visualization, Axiomatics enables organizations to
instantly visualize access requests and results
based on currently deployed policies

By leveraging our award-winning solution enterprises can visualize policies across the entire policy creation lifecycle, from authoring through to deployment and eventually auditing.

With this level of granularity, you can identify potential policy risks including over privilege, and immediately take action by editing the dynamic policies.

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Policy creation and visualization lifecycle


Write policies for applications and the organization.


Simulate in-app policy behavior, test cases, and UI to conduct ad hoc tests, and conduct requirements testing.


Push policies to your target environment (i.e. staging).


System health reporting / Activity reporting.


Policies are deployed in applications and in production.


Reports on who is accessing what and when.

Access Review Report

With policy visualization, Axiomatics’s solution provides organizations with comprehensive, out-of-the-box reports that can answer important questions such as:

  • “Who has the permission to be able to view customer records in the application?”
  • “What kind of actions can Alice perform on a particular application?”

Examples of access review reports include:


Policy size

Provides a report about the size of the polices, such as the number of rules, attributes used, policies, etc.


Attributes available

Provides a report on the sources of attributes used in a domain.


Static analysis

Looks at the policies and based on a rule set highlights potential errors, bad patterns, lack of tidiness, etc. For instance: policy lacks description, policy is empty, syntax errors.


Permitted access as conditions

As part of the access review process, provide and display the conditions under which access is permitted, given a defined context in a query.


Permitted access as a list

Determines the conditions under which access is permitted and then presents results in a list of individual users, resource records, etc.

Collecting Intelligence for Policy Visualization

With an enterprise architecture that centralizes the deployment of authorization policies, Axiomatics logs every policy event and action that is taking place across its deployment. When policies are created either using the Axiomatics graphical policy editor or ALFA (abbreviated language for authorization) they are deployed down to a policy repository and policy decision point for execution.

As users interact with applications supported by Axiomatics authorization policies, Axiomatics collects logs and serves access review reports through its reverse query capabilities. With the adoption of SIEM and BI tools to deliver a central view into security and policy analytics, Axiomatics can forward logs to these solutions (e.g. Splunk ) for a central view into authorization events.

Axiomatics also provides organizations with an out-of-the-box operational report
that surfaces an overall view of policy execution and insight into:

Axiomatics policy visualization application screenshot

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