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Watch demos of our dynamic authorization solution

Watch video examples of our solution in action based on common use scenarios. It's just a taste of what Axiomatics can do for your enterprise.

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Axiomatics Authorization for applications and databases

Watch this demo levering our “health care portal” which allows access based on attributes. Attributes provide the additional level of flexibility and context to your Identity Governance models.

How can Axiomatics provide External Authorization for your applications using API

See the policy-driven approach behind our Authorization solution. Get insight on the flexibility you have by using our solution to Authorize access.

How does external authorization work for applications?

There is security and operational value you realized when you take the steps to externalization authorization from your applications. See the basics of the request flow when leveraging an External Authorization model to enforce your policies.

The policy behind the application and database demo

See the policy-driven approach and get insight into some of the things you can do with our solution.

The role of a runtime Authorization Engine in enforcing your policies

The authorization engine is the policy decision point for determining if the request meets the requirements set forth by your policies by leveraging the multitude of attribute sources in your organization. Learn how the Authorization Engine determines the attributes necessary to make the decision for Just In Time authorization.

Axiomatics Policy Designer demos

These clips are from our 2023 release of the Axiomatics Policy Server, a platform that takes our Orchestrated Authorization solution – and your enterprise – to a new level of flexibility and fine-grained access control. For the full demonstration, watch the full webinar.

Allowing decentralized policy authoring

See how our solution allows decentralized policy authoring based on a centralized strategy and guardrails. In this example, we will see an Application Owner creating policy using a risk score from CrowdStrike as one of the attributes required in determining access.

See an access policy in action

In our previous video, we demonstrated the ease in which business users like application owners can create access policies. In this video, we build on that, demonstrating that policy in action. We start this example by looking at the policy, created in Policy Designer, from the application's perspective.

The flexibility of using Policy Designer

In this video, we reference Policy Designer demos 1 & 2, and discuss more the flexibility in creating policies within Policy Designer and the Administrator tools.

Policy Testing Framework explained in 90 seconds

In this video, we reference previous Policy Designer demos (links below), and discuss more the flexibility in creating policies within Policy Designer and the Administrator tools.

Contextual Authorization Query: Why it's important & why your auditor will love this!

In this video, we take a look at the two, key scenarios that Contextual Authorization Query addresses within Axiomatics Policy Designer.

Take the next leap in your authorization journey

Axiomatics offers award-winning authorization solutions that are a key part of a successful Zero Trust access program.

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