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Dynamically Speaking:
The Axiomatics Podcast

Kelly O'Dwyer-Manuel David Brossard

Hosts Kelly O'Dwyer-Manuel & David Brossard talk about all things authorization and access control.


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Entitlements, AuthZen, & authorization focus at industry events

Kelly & Dave dig into authorization discussion and workshops rising in popularity within the cybersecurity industry...and more!

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#CybersecurityMonth and what’s next for A.I., IAM, and authorization

We discuss 20 years of Cybersecurity Awareness Month and what's next as the authorization market continues to face A.I. and IAM challenges.

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Policy’s role in authorization, XACML today, & OpenID’s new policy charter

Hear about the value of XACML after 20 years, OpenID's new policy charter, how policy relates to authorization...and more!

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Is it time for an authorization revolution?

Hear why now is the time for authorization to become a “must-have” for organizations looking to up level their access control strategy.

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