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Improving Roles and Entitlements

Improving Roles and Entitlements

Add attribute-based access control (ABAC) to your existing IGA investment to eliminate role explosion while enabling fine-grained access control (FGAC) policies across your organization.

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Real-life requirements go beyond simple
‘approve’ or ‘deny’ responses

With so many different roles, requirements, compliance and security regulations, you need
an authorization strategy with policies that can deal with multiple scenarios.

Attribute-based access control offers a modern approach to authorization across your
applications and resources with a variety of response options based on key factors at the time of request.

Role reduction

By leveraging policies that can account for multiple conditions, you eliminate the need to create multiple roles for the same identity.

Approve, but with conditions

Instead of denying access, which can impact your business, approve with specific conditions like anonymizing data.

Bridge the gap between mandatory and discretionary access

ABAC captures the complete implications of organizational access control policy in the form of rules (policies) and attributes.

Policies that enable the right access at the right time

When it comes to enabling your managers with discretionary access controls, even though they are closer to the decision, they can still make mistakes.

With ABAC you can establish immutable policies that can not be overridden by discretionary decisions.

However, you can still enable some form of limited access whenever possible by employing policies that trigger other functions such as data masking or read-only access.


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