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About Axiomatics

Our Orchestrated Authorization strategy enables enterprises to deliver the benefit of Zero Trust or Identity-first strategy to their critical security implementations.

What sets us apart

Axiomatics is the originator and leading provider of runtime, fine-grained authorization delivered with attribute-based access control for applications, Big Data, API Gateways, and microservices.

Some of world’s most notable enterprises and government agencies depend on Axiomatics’ enterprise proven, flexible, and open authorization solution to share sensitive, valuable and regulated digital assets – but only to authorized users and in the right context.

Our solutions

Our Vision

To enable every organization in the world
to enforce Zero Trust access.

Our Mission

To securely connect people and information
through Orchestrated Authorization.

Our Values

To empower businesses to protect sensitive assets, data, and processes,
ensure regulation compliance, reduce costs, and deliver on critical business outcomes.

Deliver Innovation

We are passionate about delivering unique and expert value.

Simple to do business with

We drive positive engagement and experiences throughout the customer journey, our partner community and with each other.

Customers First

We focus on creating solutions that make our customers' lives easier.

Drive for Results

We are always innovating in our products, in our operations, in our ability to connect with and have conversations with customers.

Elevate Others

We interact with our customers, partners and each other in an open, collaborative and respectful manner and we enjoy the journey together.

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Earning trust from large, sophisticated enterprise organizations

Axiomatics has had the privilege of partnering with some of the largest, most sophisticated organizations in the world to deliver on complex authorization requirements.

Whether it was an authorization solution to serve millions of customers in a banking portal or protect sensitive aerospace and defense information, Axiomatics has committed to making enterprises successful. The table below outlines some sample experiences and use cases that Axiomatics has delivered to earn the trust of its customers, specifically in the financial services industry.

AxiomaticsUse caseOnline Payment AuthorizationDelegationReleationship ManagementAnonamlus Behavior Detection and Response
Before Axiomatics (Challenge)Payment service provider wanted to reduce operational cost of transaction and address their audit concerns.A large national bank was unable to use their IGA role-based systems to manage the delegation of permissions for special cases.European bank needed to comply with regulations that oversaw the prevention of "conflicts of interest" cause by existing relationship between employees and their families. The relationship associated with the employee will determine whether they can access the financial data of a customer regardless of their role with the bank.To fight against fraudulent behaviors, a national bank wants to be able to detect fraudulent instances and terminate accesses when it occurs.
With Axiomatics (Result)
  • Axiomatics secures the web services and APIs used in the payment application.
  • Approvals can be automatically made, if predetermined conditions are met, which increases speed of transactions.
  • Audit preparation is simplified since policies and decisions are managed centrally and external to the applications.
  • Axiomatics extends the roles used in existing business processes with a "delegation" attribute that defines who the authority is delegated to.
  • Team members can grant permissions for specific purposes while still upholding businesses and regulatory policies regarding customer data.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and higher flexibility.
  • Delegation can be time-bound, removed, or passed via caretakers.
  • Axiomatics helped the bank model policies in line with the bank's organizational policy and enforce compliance rules.
  • Customer financial data is only accessed by tellers without a relationship with a customer.
  • The bank can demonstrate compliance for auditing purposes.
  • Axiomatics triggers a denial of access when certain conditions are met
  • Financial losses associated with fraud and misuse reduced.
  • Detection of excessive access to customer accounts, which refuse further access when threshold is reached.

How Axiomatics stands apart from other authorization vendors

Our Orchestrated Authorization strategy and award-winning solutions provide organizations with the necessary tools to quickly build dynamic, fine-grained access control (FGAC) policies that meet the demands of modern security strategies including Zero Trust at the current pace of innovation.

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Quick Facts

Axiomatics founded in 2006

Headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden

More than 60 employees across North America and Europe

30% of our customer base is Global 1000

Customer Support with 95% NPS

100% partner focused

Axiomatics Leadership Team

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Babak Sadighi

Babak Sadighi

Founder, Head of Strategy

Babak led the Security, Policy and Trust research laboratory at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science before co-founding Axiomatics. He has many years of experience in the fields of access control and authorization management and has also led multiple collaborative R&D projects in this field. As well as leading Axiomatics he is also an advisor and mentor to several tech start-ups.

Jim Barkdoll

Jim Barkdoll

President & CEO

Jim is an IT security veteran, having held senior sales and leadership positions at companies such as Titus, Touchay, BlueCat Networks and Quest Software. Most recently he held the position of CEO at Stealthbits Technologies.

Birgitta Jarmstad

Birgitta Jarmstad

Chief Financial Officer

Birgitta brings more than 30 years of experience in business and financial administration to the company. She holds a Bachelor of Science Business and Economics. She has held various positions including CFO, Auditor, Business controller, Financial Controller, and Credit Controller in organizations within FMCG, IT, FM, and Real Estate.

David Brossard

David Brossard

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, David has experience leading the design and development of Salesforce’s identity offering including customer identity and access management (CIAM). He is a founding member of IDPro, a co-author of the OASIS XACML standard, and an expert on standard-based authorization as part of an overall IAM implementation.

Mark Cassetta

Mark Cassetta

Chief Product Officer

A cybersecurity veteran with more than a decade of experience, Mark Cassetta leads Axiomatics’ product strategy, driving the creation of solutions that offer enterprises around the world a way to address current and future authorization and access management challenges. Mark’s background includes various leadership positions for both software vendors and global systems integrators, including Titus and Accenture.

Karyl Parks

Karyl Parks

Chief Marketing Officer

Karyl has led marketing at many of the world’s leading IT companies in their respective fields. Her career has taken her from Quest Software to Dell Software to Titus. Most recently, she held the role of CMO at Stealthbits Technologies.

Alexander Nyblaeus

Alexander Nyblaeus

Chief Operating Officer

A seasoned customer-first operations professional who has deep roots in automation and management systems. Alexander was part of the leadership team who transformed Chinsay into a cloud-based technology company serving commodity traders and brokers in over 40 countries. Previous positions include management roles at Philips AB and Gulf Agency Company.

Matt Luckett “Each company we work with has their own set of authorization goals and timelines that they're looking to achieve. Axiomatics has outlined a series of milestones that guide our customers through their journey to success.” Matt Luckett, VP Customer Success

Axiomatics Wins Globee® Awards in the 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®

Axiomatics Named Winner in the Zero Trust category of the Globee Awards 18th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards®

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