State of Authorization: Playbook Edition

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Our report is your guide to understanding the role of authorization in today’s access control landscape — and where it is headed.

NEW: We’ve updated the Playbook with additional insights on topics including enterprise policy structure and how policy-driven authorization can help improve collaboration.

Leveraging Axiomatics’ more than fifteen years of experience, The State of Authorization: Playbook Edition shares the journey enterprises take from learning what authorization is all the way through to deployment of an authorization solution.

It also addresses some of the tactical challenges organizations face throughout their authorization journey in the guide.

Just some of what you’ll learn

The playbook takes an in-depth look at the challenges when considering authorization, including:

  • Whether to build or buy
  • The differences between authentication and authorization
  • How authorization can optimize existing identity and access management (IAM) investments
  • Considerations around Generative AI in authorization policy

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