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Let’s go live! Join us for our monthly LinkedIn Live events

Let’s go live! Join us for our monthly LinkedIn Live events

CPO Mark Cassetta and CTO David Brossard host our monthly walk through challenges, strategies, and ideas related to policy-driven authorization.

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Upcoming LinkedIn Live events

Tune in to future LinkedIn Live events for lively discussions and workshops where we work through common questions around policy-driven authorization.

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David Brossard

ALFA, OPA, Cedar and how to choose

Tuesday, June 13th @ 12pm EST | 9am PT | 6pm CET
David Brossard discusses different policy languages (ALFA, OPA, Cedar) and how to determine what works for your use case.

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Mark Cassetta

I have an IAM solution – why do I need authorization?

Mark Cassetta details where policy-driven authorization sits within the identity and access management (IAM) ecosystem and why it can complement or enhance existing investments, including identity governance and administration (IGA) and authentication investments.

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David Brossard

Policies, graphs or relationships: what approach works best?

David Brossard discusses the different authorization approaches (ABAC, PBAC, ReBAC) and how to determine what’s right for your organization.

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Mark Cassetta

Authorization is key to Zero Trust – here’s why

Mark Cassetta takes a deep dive into why policy-driven authorization is key to a Zero Trust strategy.

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