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Orchestrated Authorization: A modernized approach to fine-grained access control

Orchestrated Authorization: A modern approach to fine-grained access control

An enterprise-ready, dynamic policy strategy for authoring, managing, and auditing access control. Made for today's Zero Trust challenges.

How it works

To combat isolated authorization, organizations like yours are moving toward an Orchestrated Authorization approach

With our solution, Information Access Management (IAM) teams establish policy guardrails, while enabling developers, DevOps and DevSecOps teams as well as application owners to author, test, deploy, and analyze policies.

In return, you are rewarded with an authorization approach that aligns to a Zero Trust strategy, creates policy visibility, accelerates application development, and delivers confidence.

Organizations on the journey toward an Orchestrated Authorization approach do so with the goal of implementing an authorization vision that can support every application and resource in their technology environment.

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Enable your organization to securely scale in a Zero Trust world

Orchestrated Authorization - the old way versus the new way

A policy framework that aligns to your access control strategy

Connect contextual attributes (e.g. roles, risk, classification) that support a Zero Trust strategy of building rich policies based on who, what, when, where, why, and ultimately how a resource can be accessed.

In providing policy creators a framework that aligns to their identity strategy, you ensure they stay focused on confidently building policies instead of hard coding custom policies that do not communicate with already established identity and security investments (e.g. Okta, SailPoint, CrowdStrike).

Orchestrated Authorization encourages you to integrate deployments as part of your cloud strategy, including integration with DevOps pipelines as well as modern application architectures built on microservices.

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By leveraging a combination of attributes and policies, you can configure permissions and entitlements (permit, deny, yes/but) driven by policy as well as attribute-based access control (ABAC) models.

By connecting contextual inputs with dynamic policies, you benefit from a variety of business outcomes that include accelerating your CIAM strategy, implementing an effective Zero Trust approach, and efficient cloud adoption and compliance.

Enable your organization to have a flexible, scalable approach
that is consistent across the business

Whether you’re focused on access reviews or customer IAM, our strategy can help you meet your targets.

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Modern Access Control

Open Authorization

Access Reviews


IT Assets

Cloud | Mobile apps

Databases | Data lakes

On-prem apps

IoT devices






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Enable teams to collaborate securely and maintain efficiency

APIs, cloud, social networks, big data, and microservices, are all collaboration channels, and they all pose a threat for leakage.

Orchestrated Authorization applies the same fine-grained principles to every data access point, to ensure collaboration is effective and secure. Only those users that have permission and meet the right conditions, can access sensitive data. Your teams work with your trusted partners without concerns about assets.

In this video clip, Axiomatics CEO Jim Barkdoll details how our solution and methodology is ideal for environments where collaboration within and across teams needs to be efficient, productive, and secure.

Frequently asked questions
about the power of our approach

What is isolated authorization?

Since the dawn of application development, developers built authorization policies into each individual application in response to the business’ need to control who can access what information.

While this approach had the right intent, it led to isolated authorization, where the hundreds or even thousands of applications within an organization each had its own authorization policy – without any central oversight.

How does Orchestrated Authorization improve on an isolated authorization approach?

To adopt a modern approach to access control, such as Zero Trust, you must enable stakeholders to create run-time authorization policies that are dynamic and automatically adapt to Zero Trust risk signals.

Orchestrated Authorization empowers your organization to not only leverage these capabilities, but to do so in a way that is flexible and scalable, ensuring consistency across your business.

How do I move from an isolated authorization approach to Orchestrated Authorization?

The right steps to move your authorization approach from isolated to Orchestrated is based on your organization’s current authorization maturity.

Read our white paper to learn more and reach out to get started.

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