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Policy Translation: Future proof your authorization strategy

Policy Translation:
Future proof your authorization strategy

Ingest any code, developed in the language that's right for your team and that connects to a composable architecture via attributes and signals to make informed policy decisions in real-time.

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Connect existing policies with the power of your attributes and signals

As an important component to Orchestrated Authorization, policy translation provides enterprises with the confidence they are deploying a solution that is open and flexible to translate across a landscape of authorization languages, including the Abbreviated Language for Authorization (ALFA) and the Open Policy Agent (OPA).

With policy translation, Axiomatics delivers the tools to connect existing attributes, signals and interfaces with existing policies created in any authorization language. This enables your team to work in the environment that best suits their business.

Orchestrated Authorization connects the policies you have with the strategy you are moving towards without impacting any of your existing access control investments.

One overarching modern authorization strategy is our approach to future proofing your approach to access control.

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The benefits of Policy Translation for your business

Deploy without boundaries

Empower application teams to deploy authorization policies that are designed to integrate across enterprise environments as well as multiple policy languages.

Policy translation provides enterprises with a variety of tools to help connect signals as well as enforcement points through out of the box APIs and connectors.

Support an Agile reality

As enterprises grow, so does the need for authorization policies to support new product and application development.

With Policy translation, the enterprise is deploying an authorization solution that is agile enough to solve the current requirements of today, while also being ready to solve their future authorization requirements of tomorrow.

Accelerate application development

Identity and security leaders are more focused on enabling the business than ever before.

With Policy Translation, they can provide application and development teams with pre-packaged connectors and tools to accelerate the development of authorization policies.

Translating any language into one cohesive strategy

The Open Policy Agent (OPA) standard offers community-created connectors for attributes and endpoints that developers can use to drive effective authorization within your organization.

For those organizations looking to do more with OPA, our Abbreviated Language for Authorization (ALFA) framework enables you to connect to existing OPA code, while gaining the benefits of a modernized orchestrated authorization approach that offers dynamic, real-time and externalized management.

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Axiomatics’ Policy Translation solution in action

The key to Axiomatics’ ability to perform Policy Translation lies with the policy engine, which is able to read multiple authorization policies that have been created by multiple teams across your entire organization.

Once read, the policy engine, which sits at the policy decision point (PDP), performs the central processing of all access decisions in real-time based on a multitude of attributes.

So whether you have some applications that leverage policies written in OPA, others with custom in-house coded authorization policies, etc., it doesn’t matter if you have Axiomatics deployed. That is the point of policy translation which ultimately leads to Orchestrated Authorization.

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Axiomatics and OPA integration summary

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