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Minimize risk and ensure Regulatory Compliance

Minimize risk and ensure Regulatory Compliance

Let Fine-grained Access Control (FGAC) do the heavy lifting and keep your auditors happy. Powered by our dynamic authorization solution.

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Ensure sensitive data is only viewable and delicate actions
only performed under certain conditions to ensure compliance
and reduce risk

Craft customizable and specific policies to clearly articulate what conditions your organization requires for users to perform the duties in manners that satisfy compliance auditors.

Since situations change, your policies need to be dynamic to account for different scenarios. A user may be authorized full access one hour, but due to a change in location, device, risk profile etc., only limited access perhaps with sensitive data-masking the next.

Leveraging dynamic access policies means your business doesn’t have to stop when a request is out of compliance

The key with leveraging a policy authorization engine that can account for dynamic attributes is that you have options beyond simply denying a request when it is out of compliance.

Your company’s CFO is offsite meeting a potential investor and needs to get access to your CRM system to verify some key account data. Under certain compliance rules, the CFO should not be permitted to access the customer’s PII as they are out of the country, and access would be denied.

With a dynamic authorization policy instead of a static one, the CFO can still get the access they need, but all personal details about any individuals have been removed or anonymized.

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Use case: Earning trust from large,
sophisticated enterprise organizations

Axiomatics has had the privilege of partnering with some of the largest, most sophisticated organizations in the world to deliver on complex authorization requirements.

Whether it was an authorization solution to serve millions of customers in a banking portal or protect sensitive aerospace and defense information, Axiomatics has committed to making enterprises successful. The table below outlines some sample experiences and use cases that Axiomatics has delivered to earn the trust of its customers, specifically in the financial services industry.

AxiomaticsUse caseOnline Payment AuthorizationDelegationReleationship ManagementAnonamlus Behavior Detection and Response
Before Axiomatics (Challenge)Payment service provider wanted to reduce operational cost of transaction and address their audit concerns.A large national bank was unable to use their IGA role-based systems to manage the delegation of permissions for special cases.European bank needed to comply with regulations that oversaw the prevention of “conflicts of interest” cause by existing relationship between employees and their families. The relationship associated with the employee will determine whether they can access the financial data of a customer regardless of their role with the bank.To fight against fraudulent behaviors, a national bank wants to be able to detect fraudulent instances and terminate accesses when it occurs.
With Axiomatics (Result)
  • Axiomatics secures the web services and APIs used in the payment application.
  • Approvals can be automatically made, if predetermined conditions are met, which increases speed of transactions.
  • Audit preparation is simplified since policies and decisions are managed centrally and external to the applications.
  • Axiomatics extends the roles used in existing business processes with a “delegation” attribute that defines who the authority is delegated to.
  • Team members can grant permissions for specific purposes while still upholding businesses and regulatory policies regarding customer data.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and higher flexibility.
  • Delegation can be time-bound, removed, or passed via caretakers.
  • Axiomatics helped the bank model policies in line with the bank’s organizational policy and enforce compliance rules.
  • Customer financial data is only accessed by tellers without a relationship with a customer.
  • The bank can demonstrate compliance for auditing purposes.
  • Axiomatics triggers a denial of access when certain conditions are met
  • Financial losses associated with fraud and misuse reduced.
  • Detection of excessive access to customer accounts, which refuse further access when threshold is reached.

Minimize risk and ensures compliance by orchestrating policies across the organization

We can help you orchestrate and report on all access policies from a single, award-winning platform. Since 2006, Axiomatics has specialized in authorization and helped organizations to defeat policy complexity and accelerate their business.

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