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Orchestrated Authorization solutions for enterprises

Securely share business-critical data, collaborate globally, and meet regulations. Get dynamic with your authorization.

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Dynamic, run-time authorization for modern architectures

Critical assets are stored and accessed in vast ecosystems – consisting of applications and databases, APIs and microservices, and cloud and on-prem services.

To match this, you need a modern and flexible authorization architecture that promotes secure data sharing.

By bringing control to these complex environments, Axiomatics runtime dynamic authorization allows enterprises and organizations to collaborate securely, take smarter decisions at pace, and deliver business growth.

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Dynamic authorization solutions for your business challenge

IP protection

Globalization has created vast opportunities for international collaborations. To seize these, critical data assets must be shared, which can put IP at risk. Do the risks outweigh the negatives? Do you even have to choose?

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Secure collaboration

Enterprises thrive when collaboration runs smoothly – in-house and with partners and suppliers. This requires data and assets to be shared according to business policies at run-time. Dynamic access assures this, so you can focus on the next big business idea.

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Export control regulations

Strict export control regulations vary by region and remain in a continuous state of change – something that can happen overnight, due to political decisions. Flexibility is key, as is having fine-grained controls that can be enforced in real-time.

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IoT control

Data is constantly streaminng from machines, systems and sensors across complex enviroments. Manufacturers now rely on this information to deliver the best services and design, innovative new products. Ensuring access to this data requires security by design, which means secure authorization.

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PII privacy

Protecting Personal Identity Information (PII) must be top of mind for any organization that gathers data from or on individuals. Failure to do so can result in loss of reputation and heavy fines. But this data is necessary. Using and protecting it shouldn’t be an either or scenario.

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Financial transactions

The finance market is highly regulated for local and global actors. Put the fine-grained access controls in place to meet compliance and provide best-in-class customer services through secure asset sharing.

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“We needed a way to protect our IP – digital images of the world and our proprietary algorithms. Using Axiomatics dynamic authorization, we can address user access control intelligently, and ensure our critical assets are protected.” DigitalGlobe - Jeff Naus, Senior Programmer

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Key Considerations: Using Orchestrated Authorization to optimize policy building

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Mark Cassetta shares his view on how the authorization market will mature, including a new way of thinking about authorization deployments.

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The State of Authorization 2022

A look at Orchestrated Authorization as a new way for organizations to deploy and see value from their authorization initiatives.

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The State of Authorization 2022

A look at Orchestrated Authorization as a new way for organizations to deploy and see value from their authorization initiatives.

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5 misconceptions about a policy-based approach to access control

Here are five common misconceptions about a policy-based access control model and the value you may be missing.

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