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Our customers are at the heart of what we do

Our customers' success in their maturity towards a fully enabled authorization strategy is more than a mantra for us. It’s part of our company culture and core values. We take your success seriously.

Our deployment methodology

Our customers stay with us for the long haul

We like to boast about how much our customers love us and stay with us because we worked hard to earn their trust and be part of their success.

Over 30 percent of our customer base are global Fortune 1,000 companies. These organizations helped us shape our deployment methodology and our engagement playbook.

We understand success is based on the combined experience, alignment and collaboration of customer success, integration consultants, and strong customer support. Our post-sale engagement model focuses on aligning these critical resources to maintain and grow our customers’ experience.

From close of sale through activation and renewal, we are committed to doing everything possible to ensure our customers are successful at every step of their journey.

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Axiomatics’ Deployment Methodology

The needs of our customers change over time as the needs of their business grow. A key piece of our partnership with customers is addressing the challenges they face, both now and in the future, and ensuring we work together to address these challenges head-on.

This translates into clear value for our customers today through our deployment methodology. This methodology has been developed and fine-tuned through successful engagements and deployment of our solution with global enterprises over the last 15 years.

Our deployment methodology offers a consistent approach to guide customers through their authorization maturity and adoption.

Bottom line: we have the experience to ensure customers meet growth changes regardless how often those come up.

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A services team with a ‘customer-first’ approach

Putting customers first is one of our core values. That’s how highly we prioritize our customers’ success in addressing access control challenges/evolving access control. Our services team is 100% focused on your success and understands the integration path is different for each organization. This team is made up of three roles who collaboratively align on your goals and milestones to ensure you can achieve your targets.

Customer Success Manager

Every customer will have a dedicated CSM as their champion to guide their development toward their future maturity and customer advocate across projects and lifecycle.

Professional Services

Every project requires a professional services consultant who focuses on designing the project and deployment model to meet, capture, and model the business requirements that will guide the integration project. The professional services consultant aligns our deployment methodology to your unique project goals.

Integration Consultant

Deployments through the organization can integrate with a series of homegrown and commercial off-the-shelf applications. Axiomatics provides a series of pre-built integrations as well as documentation to make building these integrations easy for our customers. For customers who need extra support, we can provide an Integration Consultant who is laser focused on helping our customers to successfully design and build the integration.

Outstanding customer support when you need it

Our customer support goes beyond technical and product-specific support. We understand your overall success is based on working with you as a customer and a project, not addressing product questions.

Our goal is to go beyond resolving immediate challenges you encounter. While we focus on addressing whatever is in front of you, we want to learn from that experience and improve as a result.

When you work with our customer support team, you get access to online resources, a pool of product experts, as well as a set of standard SLAs all geared to providing immediate access to product and technical questions that may arise outside of the initial deployment phase.

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