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DevSecOps: Secure your applications with speed and stability

DevSecOps: Secure your applications with speed and stability

Leverage Axiomatics as part of a DevSecOps pipeline to implement authorization from application development through delivery.

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DevOps provides IT organizations with rapid and continuous development and deployment of tools that accelerate digital transformation

The challenge with this rapid development is the pressure to build and release applications at a pace that conflicts with the time required to align to and comply with security standards.

This is a particular pain point in large enterprises, as development teams are focused on their core outcome – delivering high-quality applications – and security teams are focused on ensuring those applications are secure. It creates a siloed approach which fosters issues and risk.

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This is where a shift-left model to DevSecOps comes into play

The approach refers to building security into application development from end to end which enables your enterprise to take advantage of the best of both worlds for security and development teams.

Take authorization as an example. Since applications started being created, developers hard-coded authorization policy directly into each application, creating unique policies that could conflict and often don’t align to a broader access control strategy.

This makes it difficult to manage, audit and adjust to align to the enterprise’s broader adherence to compliance initiatives, making it both time consuming and error-prone.

A DevSecOps approach incorporates security and access controls including authorization earlier and continuously throughout the DevOps process.

Axiomatics’ award-winning authorization solution infuses security into your development process so you can deliver more, faster and with fewer issues.

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Enterprises adopting a DevSecOps approach are not trying to
serve just one app at a time, which would be slow and ultimately
in opposition to a successful DevSecOps practice

With Orchestrated Authorization, you adopt a framework that standardizes a transparent, externalized authorization process across every application and resource, ensuring you’re able to quickly adjust as needed to keep pace with modern cybersecurity threats and compliance requirements.

Orchestrated Authorization helps you remove customized, hard-coded policies unique to each application,, work with an enterprise-wide approach and scale as you grow.

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Incorporating Orchestrated Authorization into your DevSecOps model offers several benefits

  • Translate business logic into authorization policies that reflect a Zero Trust framework.
  • Apply Policy-based access control (PBAC) to newly built/acquired applications with minimal effort.
  • Provide a single source of truth to easily show an auditor who can access an application and under what conditions, from development through delivery.

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Making the shift to Orchestrated Authorization

Our executive brief outlines why and how to begin shifting to Orchestrated Authorization.

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