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Meet the Zero Trust needs of your enterprise through Orchestrated Authorization

Meet the Zero Trust needs of your enterprise through Orchestrated Authorization

Create dynamic authorization policies that meet the demands of Zero Trust both today - and tomorrow.

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Authorization is at the heart of a successful Zero Trust strategy

Our solution is a central, dynamic, Zero Trust policy engine that removes the burden of coding and managing authorization functionality individually for each application.

Employ a consistent set of compliance and security policies from one location and ensure they are applied across the organization to multiple applications, regardless of coding language.

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The role authorization plays as part of a Zero Trust strategy

The Zero Trust approach requires authorization policies that are dynamic and take into account attributes from as many data sources as possible.

Remove the complexities and time of tackling such a challenge manually and leverage Orchestrated Authorization for the necessary tools to quickly build dynamic and fine-grained access control (FGAC) policies.

Hear from Axiomatics’ chief product officer Mark Cassetta on how authorization and Zero Trust work together to create a modernized access control strategy in this interview clip.

Our solution acts on Zero Trust maturity opportunities
across the ecosystem and policy

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A low code solution to building dynamic authorization policies based on business logic using natural language

By centralizing all policies within a Zero Trust policy engine, see a clear picture of policies deployed across all applications along with the necessary audit trails for analytics and to prove compliance.

By leveraging FGAC, easily create authorization policies that enable access but with very specific permissions and fine-grained controls to ensure compliance without disrupting the flow of business.

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A Practical Guide to Policy Modeling

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