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Eliminate the barriers to policy-driven authorization with Generative AI

Eliminate the barriers to policy-driven authorization with Generative AI

Policy Companion is a Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence)-driven solution that enables your team to simply and successfully adopt a policy-driven approach to fine-grained access control.

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Anyone can author policies – you don’t have to be an expert!

Policy authoring can now be done by anyone, without extensive knowledge of attribute-based access control (ABAC).

Users can start by simply typing out the basic idea of their policy. After evaluating context, scope, key players, enforcement, and more – Policy Companion will provide coaching recommendations on how the policy needs to be written out.

Remove communication challenges between the business and developer

It isn’t easy to convert business requirements into code, and all too often this becomes a point of frustration and friction between the business and the developer because they are essentially communicating in two different languages.

With Policy Companion, as business users generate requirements, the actual machine-readable code is also created for the developer.

Now policies finally make sense to both parties at the same time.

See Policy Companion in action

See for yourself how our solution allows you to formulate policy requirements using natural language that follows ABAC standards, giving users a head start on creating Policies-as-code, they can immediately translate human readable policies into machine-actionable code.

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