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Cloud-native authorization for enterprise

Cloud-native authorization for enterprise

Leverage the power of our Orchestrated Authorization solution, no matter where your applications reside.

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A multi-cloud reality requires a cloud-native approach

As your organization continues to grow, you have an opportunity to modernize your existing authorization strategy in a cloud-native environment.

Orchestrated Authorization offers a modern approach to authorization across multiple applications and resources within a cloud-native environment.

Enterprises taking advantage of power of the cloud for agility, performance, and scalability.

Access becomes more critical as with a mix of cloud environments and private data centers, multiple points of risk.

Concurrently, enterprises also looking to leverage same benefits of application development in cloud as part of their authorization deployment.

Enterprises require consistent authorization policies and enforcement to ensure that as they harness the power of new capabilities in cloud environments. They’re also able to apply these same benefits to their access control and authorization strategies.

Microservices integration options

A microservices architecture is quickly gaining popularity as an approach to application development in a cloud-native environment to enable increased scalability and capabilities and requires a scalable and flexible approach to authorization.

Axiomatics microservices integration chart

Axiomatics empowers you to overcome the challenges
of a cloud-native approach to authorization

Accelerating Orchestrated Authorization Through Cloud-native Development

Learn how to enable an holistic approach to authorization across multiple applications and resources within a cloud-native environment.

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The Role of Orchestrated Authorization in a Cloud-native Environment

Learn how Orchestrated Authorization addresses the needs of the large enterprise, bringing flexibility to authorization deployment.

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Applying ABAC to your cloud migration

Learn how to address access control challenges by managing access to sensitive data with dynamic authorization.

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