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Cloud-native development that accelerates Orchestrated Authorization


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Historically, security and identity teams were viewed as policing application development, challenging that team’s ability to deliver.

As application development teams adopt cloud-native principles and understand the importance of a strong access control strategy, this presents opportunities for security and Identity and Access Management (IAM) teams to accelerate application development with the right guardrails in place.

This starts with aligning on authorization strategies and DevOps processes during application development, especially when building microservice architectures and deploying API gateways.

Cloud-native authorization requires a centralized approach to access management, while decentralizing policy development. This modern approach is grounded in a dynamic, flexible method for access control. As application development teams adopt this authorization strategy, there are opportunities to help developers accelerate development in the cloud.

Learn more by downloading our white paper on how our Orchestrated Authorization strategy enables an holistic approach to authorization across multiple applications and resources within a cloud-native environment.