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State of Authorization Report 2023

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An annual snapshot of the trends and issues impacting authorization and access control, the 2023 State of Authorization Report focuses on critical topics including identity threat detection and response (ITDR), authorization and the cloud, data authorization, policy-as-code and the emergence of the cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA).

The report takes an in-depth view as to how authorization influences these topics and how this will impact the overall access control market in the year ahead:

  • Enterprises are evaluating and deploying better access control through authorization for cloud-based application architectures with risk as a central focus.
  • Policy-as-code evolves from a focus on policy creation to translating standard authorization practices across different languages.
  • Advancing identity threat detection & response (ITDR) initiatives drives greater collaboration on integrations and standards connecting risk signals across identity and cybersecurity landscapes.

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