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The State of Authorization 2022 Report

Authorization is not a new concept. Organizations have been implementing authorization and policy controls across applications and data sources since the dawn of application development.

So what has changed that brings authorization to the forefront of a CISO’s toolset in solving the ongoing challenge of access control and data protection? And where does the authorization market stand in 2022?

This report will take a look at our Orchestrated Authorization strategy as a new way for organizations to deploy and see value from their authorization initiatives as well as how this methodology will influence Zero Trust, policy modeling, and its impact on the age-old debate of building versus buying an authorization solution.

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Making the shift to Orchestrated Authorization

We also offer an executive brief that explains how Orchestrated Authorization provides the necessary tools to quickly build dynamic and fine-grained access control (FGAC) policies that meet the demands of modern security strategies including Zero Trust, and do so at the current pace of innovation.

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