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How data protection, data security, and authorization work together

Learn how a robust authorization strategy includes data protection and security to help face today's risks and meet compliance requirements.

Imagine your data as a precious gem locked away in a vault.

Data security is like the vault itself – it’s the measures we put in place to safeguard our information from unauthorized access, theft, or breaches.

Authorization plays a pivotal role in data security. It’s like the key to that padlock, determining who has access to the data and to what extent by either granting or denying access based on policies.

Data protection goes beyond just locking things away.

It involves the practices and policies that ensures the ethical and lawful handling of data. Think of it as the protocols that dictate how the gem is cut, polished, and handled with care.

When you grant someone access to your data, you’re essentially extending a digital handshake.

Authorization defines the scope of that handshake – what data can be accessed, under what conditions, and for what purpose. It’s like granting access to a specific facet of your gem.

But what if an unauthorized party tries to break in?

This is where strong data security steps in. It’s the alarms, cameras, and guards that prevent any attempts at unauthorized access.

Data protection also involves legal aspects.

Just as there are laws that govern how gems are traded and protected, there are regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that ensure the responsible handling of personal data.

Ultimately, by implementing robust data security, practicing thorough data protection, and managing authorization wisely, we create a harmonious synergy that safeguards our digital world. Therefore, protecting our sensitive data wherever it is stored.

So, the next time you think about data, remember the gem, the vault, the handshake, and the laws that ties them all together.

Data security, data protection, and authorization are the keys to a safer and more secure digital future.

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David Morvan is a Professional Services Engineer at Axiomatics, focusing a large part of this time guiding clients in realizing the complete potential of their authorization solution. He has been in technology for 20 years in a variety of disciplines, but highly focused on Data Protection, Data Security, and Identity.