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Axiomatics Policy Server: The next evolution of our Orchestrated Authorization solution

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Join Jamie Manuel, Head of Product Marketing, and Matt Luckett, VP Customer Relations, for this exclusive demonstration of the 2023 release of the Axiomatics Policy Server, a platform that takes our Orchestrated Authorization solution – and your enterprise – to a new level of flexibility and fine-grained access control.

What you’ll learn:

  • Isolated Authorization is impeding your ability to modernize access control, Orchestrated Authorization helps you overcome this challenge.
  • Your organization requires multiple policy creation interfaces in code, an editor, or a UI – you can choose the right platform for the situation and business need.
  • Automating authorization testing as part of your DevOps process allows you to streamline and make your development process more efficient.
  • Gain control of your audits with reporting that provides a list of who, what, when, why, why, and how information can be accessed in an app or resource.

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