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Customer Identity Access Management: Powered by Axiomatics

Customer Identity and Access Management: Powered by Axiomatics

Authorization plays a critical role in a successful Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) strategy. That's where we come in.

How we solve it

Delivering a frictionless, convenient and accessible experience for customers is the goal of every enterprise

At its core, customer identity and access management (CIAM) enables enterprises to ensure their customers securely access the data, applications and services they require, while minimizing risk for both the enterprise and the customer.

CIAM includes a variety of identity, fraud detection and authentication solutions working in concert. There is no ‘silver bullet solution’ in this category, as what each enterprise needs will be different. You must create the right mix of IAM and fraud detection solutionsidentity governance, access management and fraud detection technologies to create a successful CIAM strategy.

The interoperability across various API gateways, microservices and applications, and data structures with the flexibility to work with any identity and attributes source while leveraging the power of standards-based solutions designed purposefully for enterprise needs.

An authorization solution plays a critical role in this strategy, ensuring that once a customer is securely authenticated and interacting with your enterprise, their experience remains frictionless and…secure.

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Axiomatics: A seamless addition to any CIAM strategy

Our Orchestrated Authorization approach has helped some of the world’s most highly-regulated brands ensure they have a solid access management strategy for their applications in a way that does not disrupt or inhibit the customer’s overall experience.

From banks and insurance companies to automobile manufacturers and retailers, Axiomatics’s solution is an ideal addition to any enterprise’s CIAM strategy.

Orchestrated Authorization:
A solution built to support your CIAM strategy

Our Orchestrated Authorization framework creates a unified, scalable approach to authorization as part of a CIAM strategy. By providing a decentralized and organization-wide view of authorization policies, identity leaders can ensure their customers have a uniformly positive and secure access experience no matter where they request access.

Axiomatics CIAM support with Orchestrated Authorization

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