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Achieve Zero Trust in Trade Compliance

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For many defense organizations, data security practices are at odds with modern business priorities, resulting in disruption to critical operations as well as elevated risk. Keeping defense organizations and their partners productive requires information sharing that is efficient…and adheres to compliance regulations.

While many organizations are implementing a Zero Trust approach, they struggle with adhering to these principles while also ensuring compliant release of Export Controlled Information (ECI).

In this webinar, experts from TC Engine and Axiomatics will address ECI, which is also subject to military and commercial export regulations including ITAR and EAR. Attendees will see practical ways in which Zero Trust practices can be leveraged for secure and compliant release of ECI.

Specifically, the webinar will address:

  • ECI challenges
  • Safeguarding vs compliant release
  • Compliant release decision process
  • Zero Trust for ECI
  • ZT4ECI Demonstrations