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Why Axiomatics?

As the global independent leader in Dynamic Authorization solutions, our people, expertise, and our best-in-class software set us apart. Customers come to us to solve complex use cases around access control to applications, databases, Big Data, microservices, and APIs. Through a policy-based approach to dynamic authorization that utilizes the Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) model, Axiomatics helps enterprises across industries lock down confidential data and IP while securely sharing and collaborating with authorized users.

Dynamic Authorization solutions from Axiomatics enables accelerated digital transformation, greater business agility and responsiveness, effective governance, and an improved customer experience:

  • Centrally-managed, policy-based approach to managing authorization
  • Reduction in time spent managing authorization
  • Reduction in time spent onboarding new users, and have access evolve over time
  • Reuse authorization policies across other IT environments
  • Enable centralized audit reporting

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