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Axiomatics & eShare: Extend Zero Trust Policies to Unstructured Data

In the race to implement Zero Trust, there’s a tendency to focus on structured data and core applications. But 80-90% of organizational data is unstructured. Traditional solutions like Microsoft 365, offer “all or nothing” security measures that either lock down too aggressively, creating friction and hinder collaboration, or do not offer enough protection, making your organization vulnerable to risk.

The brief takes an in-depth look at streamlining sharing and compliance with Axiomatics and eShare which closes the gap. Aimed at unstructured data, this partnership ensures sensitive files are securely managed, shared, and protected at the file level, enabling your workforce to collaborate with internal and external users while keeping data secure.

Key benefits include:

  • Custom policy workflows
  • User-friendly experience
  • Data duplication elimination

Read the full overview to start your journey today.

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About eShare

eShare offers a robust data collaboration platform optimized for Microsoft 365 environments, ensuring regulatory compliance and data protection for both internal and external collaborations. With its remarkable growth trajectory, eShare caters to diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, technology, government, retail, and professional sports, embodying the ethos of powerful collaboration.