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VMBlog Feature: 2018 Predictions, What’s to come in Enterprise Security

What’s to come in Enterprise Security
by Gerry Gebel

Every year enterprise security is evolving to deal with newer, more sophisticated security threats. In 2017, we saw many organizations adopt big data technologies, begin to move toward a microservices approach to break down large applications and work toward scalable compliance with new and changing regulations. These trends transformed the enterprise security landscape, and in 2018 they will continue, along with these evolving trends:


For far too long, IT has operated separately from business units in the enterprise. Breaking down organizational silos has been a challenge for IT leaders that are seeking better ways to support business initiatives. DevSecOps (or Development, Security and Operations) has emerged as a new way for cross-functional teams to work together. The DevOps approach is aimed at bringing new application services to production faster than legacy change control practices. With DevSecOps, security also has a role to play in ensuring that continuous delivery practices also embrace good security practices. Security measures like Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) can also be automated within DevSecOps processes to secure access to APIs, microservices, big data, and other application systems.

Securely Sharing Data

As organizations rapidly produce more data and continue to adopt big data systems, it has become crucial to shield personally identifiable information (PII), sensitive personal information and intellectual property while also being able to securely share information that is vital to business processes.

Organizations are shifting to a policy-based approach for access control, to securely disseminate information among departments, partners, and with customers to ensure that only those who are authorized to see sensitive information can view it.

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