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Srijith Nair Rejoins Axiomatics As Chief Strategy Officer

Srijith Nair Rejoins Axiomatics As Chief Strategy Officer, an Industry Veteran in Data Security to Drive Axiomatics Growth-Oriented Strategies

Industry Veteran in Data Security to Drive Axiomatics Growth-Oriented Strategies

STOCKHOLM January 12, 2021 Axiomatics, the leader in runtime dynamic authorization, today announced Dr. Srijith Nair has rejoined the company as Chief Strategy Officer.

Srijith Nair - Chief Strategy Officer

Srijith Nair – Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Srijith Nair will be responsible for developing, executing, and sustaining Axiomatics cohesive growth strategies and advising Dr. Babak Sadighi, Axiomatics CEO and co-founder, on strategic processes that are in line with Axiomatics objectives. Dr. Nair will be joining an experienced executive leadership team that has been instrumental in powering Axiomatics growth over the last decade. He first joined Axiomatics in 2012, as Director of Developer Relations. From 2015-2017, Nair served as Axiomatics’s only product manager where he was responsible for the vision, planning, design, and go-to-market strategy of all core Axiomatics products.

Dr. Nair has most recently served as Group Technical Product Manager at where he was responsible for the creation, implementation and delivery of its enterprise cyber security and identity and access management strategies.

“ exposed me to a uniquely agile and fast-maturing business with a high commitment to security, specifically authorization and access control,” said Nair. “The deep insights I gained by working with Axiomatics’s customers while managing its product development, augmented by the experience of building and delivering’s cyber security strategy makes me uniquely positioned to help lead Axiomatics’ strategy forward, seize new market opportunities, and better serve its customers.”

Over the past few years, the authorization market has gradually matured as new players enter the market and new opportunities arise. Axiomatics’ industry-leading Attribute Based Access control solutions are trusted by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies around the world. Dr. Nair will play an instrumental role in ensuring organizations across the globe can continue to rely on Axiomatics to solve their complex authorization challenges.

“Dr. Nair is the most experienced person to lead Axiomatics strategy into the future, given his exceptional knowledge of our products, the industry, and a proven ability to drive results,” said Dr. Sadighi. “His domain expertise and strategic thinking  will be critical to our innovation, market expansion, and translating our vision into world class strategy plans.”


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