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Insights Success: Axiomatics Feature

Axiomatics: An Independent Leader in Dynamic Authorization SolutionsAxiomatics was featured in Insights Success as the leader in dynamic authorization. Read the full article here:

Axiomatics: An Independent Leader in Dynamic Authorization Solutions
Axiomatics was featured in Insights Success as the leader in dynamic authorization. Read the full article here:

Axiomatics: An Independent Leader in Dynamic Authorization Solutions


Headquartered at Stockholm, Sweden, Axiomatics provides access control software that protects the most critical assets of today’s modern enterprises. This includes applications and data sources and microservices which are utilized by the Fortune 500 and federal government agencies around the world to share sensitive data securely, meet compliance and minimize data fraud. Through a policy-based approach to dynamic authorization that utilizes the Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) model, Axiomatics helps enterprises across industries to lock down confidential data and IP while securely sharing and collaborating with authorized users.

The Facilitator

Niklas Jakobsson is the CEO of Axiomatics. He has over 25 years of experience in the technology sector, among which fifteen of those years have been in a senior management position. Niklas has also worked and operated in most of the IT business models ranging from open source to SaaS, software license sales to outsourcing in international environments. He fully comprehends the complexity and opportunity present in the market which has led Axiomatics to ensure flexibility and focus on its product offering.

Prior to Axiomatics, Niklas was the country manager at CA Technologies, a computer software company, where he was responsible for managing IT services. His role with CA Technologies has been instrumental in shaping the vision of how Axiomatics works with large enterprises and growing software firms.

As a people-person combined with his international business acumen, Niklas has been able to better link operations across Europe and the Americas with a cohesive vision.

Attributes of Access Control Solution

At its core, dynamic authorization is a policy-based approach which ensures right users to have access to the right assets at the right time. As the premier vendor in authorization, Axiomatics solutions are ideal for enterprises and government agencies that need to securely share information, while complying with complex and ever-evolving regulations. The suite covers the lifecycle of policy-based access control, helping customers to create the framework, implement and maintain their policies, as well as enforce and audit access control.

So far, the experts have led the field and proven its flexibility by helping companies in upgrading their legacy access control approaches and tackling new initiatives such as migrating to the cloud, digital business transformation, new customer portal development and adoption of APIs and micro services.

With Axiomatics’ dynamic authorization, they can set fine-grained policies built on attributes of data that dictate access control permissions. This includes information such as the user’s role, the time of day, current location, and designation of a specific team or project. This can solve more complex access control scenarios, such as contextual dynamic data masking of specific data types to meet privacy requirements. In addition to safeguarding sensitive information critical applications and data, Axiomatics dynamic authorization products allow the right information to be shared, under the right conditions.

Being a proven leader in the industry, Axiomatics’ best-in-class solutions and its strategic business processes are built to set the company apart from other competitors. On the other hand, it continues to be more focused on the right product innovations to help ease the pains of legacy access control and facilitate the adoption of dynamic authorization. At present, Axiomatics is advancing towards its milestone along with its customer’s growth by innovating new applications of dynamic authorization that support and enabling the business to become more agile, secure and customer-focused.

Strengthening the Relationship

Serving customers drives the experts of Axiomatics and enable them to work hard each day, and they feel pride in helping the clientele to solve their access control issues.

“For one of their European banking customers, the Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) solution provided a centralized and externalized approach to achieve compliance with privacy regulations, for the Data Protection Law and GDPR (transparency to access).” The benefits from this implementation are quantifiable, including real-time reporting and cost reduction for development efforts. The customer also experienced nearly 20 percent cost reduction for maintenance, ease in on-boarding applications and services, and the ability to change policy language enterprise-wide when needed.

The client said, “We now have the ability to be proactive. We are well positioned to handle all
future regulatory requirements quickly and cost-effectively.”

Unveiling the Future

From the beginning, Axiomatics has been a pioneer in opening up a new approach toward access control. As the adoption of dynamic authorization is becoming more main stream, the company will continue to be on the front lines as a thought leader and share leading-edge use cases on the application of access control for applications, APIs, microservices and data stores. Axiomatics will continue to serve as the leader in access control, and will continue to improve its product offerings by integrating within a multitude of ecosystems both in IAM and in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, the federal government and banking.

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