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CSO Online Feature: How Enterprise Security Transformed in 2017 and What Comes Next in 2018

Digital transformation and microservices made up the most impactful trends for the enterprise security industry in 2017, but what will have the biggest impact in 2018?

Enterprise security is always evolving, not by choice but because organizations are constantly facing new security threats. As 2018 fast approaches, let’s take a quick look back at how enterprise security evolved in 2017 and what we expect to see shake things up in 2018.

A year of transformation

2017 was a transformative year for enterprise security. We saw many organizations continue to adopt big data environments to store the enormous amount of data that they have collected; and in doing so, have been confronted with a new set of security challenges. One of these challenges is to strike the right balance between monetizing strategic data assets, while protecting personal privacy interests.

We also saw organizations take a microservices approach to breaking down large monolithic applications. With a microservices architecture, the functions of an application are built as discrete components that communicate with each other via APIs. This approach allows organizations to have a faster, almost continuous development and deployment cycle. But building many microservices components could mean that you also need to enhance your strategy for securing access to the individual components. Continue Reading.

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