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Axiomatics wins prestigious order from one of the world’s largest banks

Stockholm, December 20 2010 – Axiomatics has received an order from one of the world’s largest banks for its XACML based authorization product suite as well policy modeling in the form of professional services. This combined solution offers significant efficiency gains in term of faster deployment of new services while strengthening internal controls for regulatory compliance.

Once again Axiomatics became the selected vendor in one of the largest XACML deployments within a given industry. This time the customer is one of the world’s largest banks. The order, which includes the Axiomatics Policy Server (APS), the Axiomatics Policy Auditor (APA) and professional services, delivers highly scalable, enterprise-wide, fine-grained authorization and auditing capabilities.

“It’s no secret that more and more financial institutes are looking for a flexible and relatively easy way to deploy solutions that speed up and improve their access control processes,” says Babak Sadighi, CEO of Axiomatics. “When a client chooses Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) based on the XACML standard, they get a dynamic system that allows them secure compliance with regulations and corporate policies integrated with their existing platform. This not only provides substantial savings over time, it can also open up new business opportunities.”

The Policy Decision Point (PDP) can be plugged-in to an existing framework and tailored to meet the requirements of existing infrastructures. “One of the key advantages with Axiomatics Policy Server essential for this large financial institution was the modular design of our products. They are combining individual components and related APIs in a creative manner to achieve fine-grained authorization exactly the way they want,” says Babak Sadighi. “Furthermore, by using Axiomatics, they get a dedicated best of breed solution without having to add numerous other unnecessary suite components to their application stack.”

For the Financial Industries in general performance is crucial and performance certainly was one of the tougher requirements on Axiomatics Policy Server in this instance. The performance matrix established in the deployed environment in reality turned out to vastly exceed the estimates on which requirements were defined.

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