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Axiomatics takes eXtensible authorization to the next level with the launch of Axiomatics Policy Server. 5.0

Stockholm, July 2 2012 – With the launch of Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) 5.0, Axiomatics, the leading independent supplier of eXtensible authorization solutions, offers a new dimension in fine-grained authorization management. The enterprise-ready authorization solution delivers more flexibility and improved management capabilities and supports virtually instant deployment.

Axiomatics announces the launch of the Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) 5.0. The new release provides considerably more powerful authorization management capabilities, while providing the flexibility necessary to meet the demands of an ever-changing IT environment.

Thanks to the new management system, deploying, configuring and connecting new authorization services to enterprise directories or databases have been greatly simplified. This means enterprises can now achieve virtually instant externalized authorization.

According to Per Eliasson, Axiomatics VP Engineering “APS 5.0 extends the features of APS 4.0, and makes it easier for large-scale deployment. Furthermore, we have taken usability, transparency and management capabilities to a new level. This is due, in part, to the close cooperation we have with our clients. For example, while developing the new release our design team took onboard feedback from our global customer base to deliver what is a truly dynamic authorization solution.”

Key to APS 5.0 is the greatly improved centralized management architecture, which enables administrators to manage and monitor local and/or enterprise-wide authorization services from one point. Furthermore, permissions are granted or denied in real-time based on user and resource data from a single, centrally managed knowledgebase.

The APS user interface has also been given a complete overhaul to further enhance the management process and to make it easier for new users to realize the full potential of the system. Incorporated into this is an updated stand-alone policy editor that can be deployed on the desktop of all policy authors in order to simplify distributed management of all policies.

“Our technology is now becoming widely accepted as the way forward for global enterprises that need to share data securely within and beyond the boundaries of their organisations as well as for entities that wish to protect data in-line with ever-changing risk-appetite criteria,” says Axiomatics CEO Babak Sadighi. “With the launch of APS 5.0 we are making it easier for the market to adopt our technology.”

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