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Axiomatics releases new .NET Policy Decision Point Engine

Stockholm, May 5 2010 – With the development of a new .NET version of its Policy Decision Point, (PDP), Axiomatics can now offer an “off the shelf” XACML based authorization engine that can be easily integrated into any .NET application. The new PDP has already been ordered by Datev, Germany’s leading software and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers as well as their clients.

Axiomatics, the leading independent XACML authorization solution supplier, is launching a .NET version of its Policy Decision Point (PDP). The authorization engine can be implemented into virtually any .NET environment to provide fine grained authorization in existing code or to introduce new capabilities in service oriented infrastructures. Combining the new .NET PDP with the existing .NET Policy Enforcement Point (PEP), Axiomatics can now provide support for a wide range of deployment scenarios in .NET environments to deliver XACML capabilities embedded into applications or as externalized authorization services. The PDP will complement Axiomatics’ existing java PDP as well as the company’s policy server (APS) and policy auditor (APA).

“Today our products are used by leading edge companies and institutions that deal with a lot of sensitive information,” says Babak Sadighi, Axiomatics CEO. “They rely on our solutions to ensure that enterprise-wide policies are consistently enforced, that sensitive data is protected against unauthorized access and that essential information is made available to the right employees, customers, partners and stakeholders,” he continues.

The authorization engine provides better visibility of organization wide policies, making it easier to ensure that they meet with senior management directives. Furthermore, its underlying Attribute Based Access Control model and the XACML standard promises to simplify policy administration and enabling fine-grained and context-aware authorizations.

Datev, Germany’s leading software and IT service provider for tax consultants, auditors and lawyers as well as their clients, is the first organization to order the .NET PDP.

“This is another prestigious customer for Axiomatics as we continue to expand, and with almost 39,000 members and around 5,500 employees it’s another stern test for our products,” concludes Sadighi.

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