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Axiomatics Eliminates Barriers to Policy-Driven Authorization with Industry’s First Generative AI-Powered Solution

Policy Companion enables stakeholders across the enterprise to develop policies that reflect core business priorities & outcomes – in minutes.

CHICAGO, IL – Axiomatics, the leader in delivering next-generation authorization, today introduced Policy Companion, a Generative AI-driven solution that enables organizations to simply and successfully adopt a policy-driven approach to fine-grained access control. Policy Companion addresses a critical pain point commonly encountered during the policy lifecycle – policy authoring. Currently, policy authoring can take days or weeks and requires extensive knowledge of attribute-based access control (ABAC)

“The complexity of today’s threat landscape coupled with the rise in the number of compliance regulations worldwide means enterprises need a fine-grained, policy-driven approach to access control and authorization,” said Jim Barkdoll, CEO for Axiomatics. “The barrier to widespread adoption remains a steep learning curve and complex deployment. With Policy Companion, enterprises can author policies that address critical business requirements in minutes instead of days or weeks. We believe this will shatter the barriers to widespread adoption of policy-driven authorization.”

Like many technologies, learning how to create best-in-class authorization policies can take time (sometimes days/weeks), which can be a deterrent for enterprises who may not have the required time or resources. Leveraging Axiomatics Policy Companion, enterprises can easily generate policy requirements and create a policy using plain language in minutes.

“As Axiomatics and Devoteam continue to grow as authorization partners, it is exciting to see the new technology advances that they are bringing to the table. Especially seeing how their Policy Companion feature easily transforms simple English words into more complex policy code, which accelerates the overall policy authorization process,” shared Wissam Bteich, Devoteam Cybersecurity Expert Director. “On a larger scale, this could have a significant impact on big projects’ duration as well as daily operations in which policies are dynamic and often change from time to time.”

Bridging the chasm between business needs and developer requirements

Historically, authorization solutions forced users to deal with friction through the use of manual policy builders to express requirements. This meant users had to manually translate their requirements into a structure outside of their domain expertise, a frustrating process that required sometimes intensive time and effort. With Policy Companion, the chasm between the users generating requirements and actual machine-readable code to be deployed is eliminated. Specifically, Policy Companion helps enterprises achieve three critical outcomes:

  • Bridging plain human language with machine readable code
  • Automatic conversion of unstructured policies into structured attribute-based access control (ABAC) code
  • Ability to understand core ABAC policy concepts in minutes instead of weeks or months

“ABAC policy development and rationalization are two pillars on which strong access authorization capabilities are built. These steps are also the most complex, often impeding organizations from executing on an authorization-based identity security strategy,” explained Sagnik Mukherjee, Optiv Senior Practice Manager, Cyber Protection & Identity. “Leveraging Generative AI to author, streamline, and rationalize ABAC policies is a significant step towards overcoming this barrier, and eventually accelerating enterprise-wide identity-centric security journey.”

Policy Companion will be generally available to enterprises worldwide in the first half of 2024. For additional information or to see a demonstration, visit

Axiomatics will also showcase policy creation using Policy Companion during a webinar on November 16, 2023. To register for this webinar, please visit HERE.

About Axiomatics

Axiomatics is the originator and leading provider of runtime, fine-grained authorization delivered with attribute-based access control (ABAC) for applications, data, APIs, and microservices. The company’s Orchestrated Authorization strategy enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently connect Axiomatics’ award-winning authorization platform to critical security implementations, such as Zero Trust or identity-first security. The world’s largest enterprises and government agencies continually depend on Axiomatics’ award-winning authorization platform to share sensitive, valuable, and regulated digital assets – but only to authorized users and in the right context. Please visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube to learn more.

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