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Axiomatics Joins Google Cloud Connect Partner Program

Axiomatics Cloud Native Authorization Engine Offers Flexible Authorization for Cloud Deployments, Bringing Fine-Grained Access Control to Developers using the Google Platform

CHICAGO – May 22, 2019 – Axiomatics, the leader in externalized, fine-grained dynamic authorization, today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Connect Partner Program, making it easy for developers using the Google platform, and users to extend access control capabilities in the cloud.

Axiomatics’ Cloud Native Authorization Engine is easily deployed and orchestrated within the Google Cloud Platform. Using externalized dynamic authorization delivered with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), the solution delivers a policy-based approach for accessing data, projects, applications, workflows and other business elements in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment.

The dynamic authorization engine can be managed like a microservice, with the same flexibility, deployment and automation characteristics as application microservices. In the end, the life cycle of redeploying the application and security elements can be fully automated, using Kubernetes for example. In addition, any changes to policies can also be part of the automation process.

The Axiomatics Cloud Native Authorization Engine delivers:

  • Dynamic authorization to digital resources stored in Google Cloud Platform, so they are protected and visible only to authorized users defined by concise access control policies.
  • Secure data sharing across business units, trusted partners and regulatory bodies.
  • Hybrid deployment on one or multiple cloud platforms without negative impact on latency.
  • Open API protection.
  • Easy integration out-of-the-box and it does not require a web application server host.

“As more organizations migrate to cloud platforms like Google Cloud Connect, there is a real need to solve complex access control use cases on large sets of sensitive information,” said Gerry Gebel, vice president of business development at Axiomatics. “The Axiomatics Cloud Native Authorization Engine for Google Cloud Connect provides real-time dynamic authorization and optional tools for dynamic filtering and dynamic data masking for datasets, tables, columns, rows and cells.”

For more information on Google Cloud Connect, please visit https://www.cloudconnect.goog/.

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