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Axiomatics Featured in KuppingerCole Market Compass for Policy-Based Access Management (PBAM)

Company cited for extensive experience supporting enterprises, support for DevOps practices and continued innovation.

CHICAGO, IL – Axiomatics, the leader in delivering award-winning, next-generation authorization, today announced KuppingerCole Analysts AG included Axiomatics in the firm’s Market Compass for Policy-Based Access Management (PBAM). One of 11 vendors included in the report, the firm highlighted Axiomatics’ extensive experience in the enterprise market, support for both application and database authorization requirements, and continued innovation to meet the demands of modern IT environments.

“The KuppingerCole Market Compass for PBAM highlights a number of challenges facing organizations looking to modernize their approach to authorization and access control, including support for DevOps personnel, embracing and enabling cloud-native capabilities, and supporting legacy or customized applications,” said Mark Cassetta, chief product officer for Axiomatics. “As the founders of PBAM, our extensive experience and leadership in this space positions Axiomatics as a trusted partner that can enable a more agile approach to PBAM while simplifying the complexity involved in scaling an enterprise-wide authorization strategy. We are pleased to be featured in this report and believe this research validates our view of the authorization space and the value we bring to customers.”

The KuppingerCole Market Compass for PBAM focuses on “a segment of the access control market that employs policies, evaluated in real-time, to provide access decisions to user requests for protected resources such as a computer application or sensitive database.” Every vendor featured in the report offers a policy-based approach to authorization, which ensures access control is consistent across the organization, and efficiency is improved with a single place to manage access control strategy. This also improves visibility, as “there are no longer disparate groups with their own access control environments.”

The report discussed Axiomatics as providing “a comprehensive solution for orchestrated authorization, providing fine-grained access control to protected resources,” as well as “providing data protection that many applications fail to provide.” More specifically, KuppingerCole highlighted a number of strengths, including:

  • Extensive experience in PBAM with good penetration of the enterprise market;
  • Good policy creation support via ALFA (Abbreviated Language for Authorization); and
  • Global presence and partner network.

“Organizations are now increasingly demanding dynamic access control, with decisions made in real-time. They want support for an agile IT approach with dynamic workloads across multiple cloud environments. They want support for their DevOps staff for containerized cloud developments and cloud-native deployments as well,” said Graham Williamson, senior analyst for KuppingerCole Analysts AG. “Axiomatics has been a mainstream provider of policy-driven access control since the inception of the sector. Their focus on orchestrated authorization, providing fine-grained access control to protected resources, which is a critical consideration for enterprises looking to keep pace with more agile competitors and modernize their approach to access management.”

Axiomatics’ award-winning attribute-based access control (ABAC) enables organizations to ensure access decisions are made in real-time. Leveraging this platform, organizations ensure critical corporate applications, data and processes are only accessed in adherence to corporate policies that specify what a user has access to, how much access they have, when they get access and under what conditions.

Get more information on Axiomatics’ authorization platform and a download of the report courtesy of Axiomatics from our Resource library.

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About Axiomatics

Axiomatics is the originator and leading provider of runtime, fine-grained authorization delivered with attribute-based access control (ABAC) for applications, data, APIs and microservices. The company’s Orchestrated Authorization strategy enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently connect Axiomatics’ award-winning authorization platform to critical security implementations, such as Zero Trust or identity-first security. The world’s largest enterprises and government agencies continually depend on Axiomatics’ award-winning authorization platform to share sensitive, valuable and regulated digital assets – but only to authorized users and in the right context. To learn more, please visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn , Twitter, and YouTube.

About KuppingerCole Analysts AG

KuppingerCole Analysts, founded in 2004, is an international and independent analyst organization headquartered in Europe. The company specializes in offering neutral advice, expertise, thought leadership and practical relevance in Information Security, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Governance (IGA), Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) as well as all areas concerning the Digital Transformation. KuppingerCole supports companies, corporate users, integrators and software manufacturers in meeting both tactical and strategic challenges. Maintaining a balance between immediate implementation and long-term viability is at the heart of KuppingerCole’s philosophy.

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