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archTIS Enhances Offering, Expands Market via New Partnership with Axiomatics

In a press release issued on November 15, 2018, archTIS Enhances Offering, Expands Market via New Partnership with Axiomatics. archTIS Limited (ASX:AR9, archTIS or the Company) has entered into a strategic partnership and a reseller agreement (“Agreement”) with global leader in Attribute Based Access Control, Axiomatics.

Axiomatics is the leading provider of dynamic authorisation solutions with global expertise in applying authorisation policies at the database and application layer of solutions. Its products are developed to industry standard and are utilised by Global Fortune 2000 companies and federal agencies across the world.

Under the terms of the Agreement, archTIS will expand and complement its product offering to include Axiomatics’ advanced ABAC solution which secures alternative data sets and applications.

  • archTIS to partner with global leader in dynamic authorisation, Axiomatics
  • Adds Axiomatics’ advanced dynamic authorisation delivered with Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) to offering, enabling archTIS’ to secure alternative data sets and applications
  • Complements archTIS’ offerings for compliance, information sharing (documents and collaboration tools), protection of critical assets and intellectual property
  • Accelerates archTIS’ expansion into the financial services market and enables Axiomatics to gain entry into new defence and intelligence sectors
  • Strategic partnership enables archTIS and Axiomatics to leverage their joint experience across an extensive global client base

archTIS’ existing secure microservices* model, which underpins its core Kojensi information sharing and collaboration technology, will also be enhanced by Axiomatics’ application authorisation and policy building capabilities, enabling Kojensi to secure alternative data sets and applications.

The addition of the Axiomatics technology, both as a stand-alone product and as integrated into Kojensi, will enable archTIS to accelerate its expansion into the financial services market prior to the launch of its Kojensi and DataKloak cloud products.

Through the partnership, Axiomatics will build on its strong existing customer base in the financial services sector by leveraging archTIS’ end user and platform services, as well as gaining immediate access to the Australian defence and intelligence government sectors via archTIS’ established relationships.

In line with the Company’s business strategy, archTIS continues to forge strategic relationships with leading organisations, expanding the market for its Kojensi suite of secure content collaboration and information sharing software products.

* A software architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services to improve modularity.


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