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Breaches Are the Cost of Doing Business, but NIST Is Here to Help

CEO Jim Barkdoll on how treating the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a business requirement is a strong step toward preventing breaches.

Ten years ago, back in 2013, breaches were hot topics that seemed to catch everyone’s interest. Most notably, Snowden’s National Security Administration (NSA) leak was top of every news station, magazine, and newspaper. Breaches were the hot topic over the next few years as Sony, eBay, and the Internal Revenue Service fell victim.

But now, breaches similar in scope and size to the ones above seem to make headlines for — at most — just a day or two. After that, certain reporters may cover and investigate specific outcomes, but the general public’s focus does not linger on them anymore.

The frequency of breaches has eroded the impact they have on companies, but enterprises must still take action to prevent and resolve these threats.

Read the full article on Dark Reading by Axiomatics CEO Jim Barkdoll.

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