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Secure Collaboration

Dynamic collaborations deliver dynamic results. And the best way to power them is with dynamic authorization.

Key features

Accelerate business. Stay ahead of the curve

We collaborate to innovate, accelerate business and increase productivity. And we do it in real-time, on a global scale, in virtually every industry. Individuals access sensitive corporate information around the clock, from diverse devices, and, due to the pandemic, often from non-secure locations.

Enterprise IT environments weren’t designed to handle this complexity – or the explosion of data. Quick fixes with outdated static authorization won’t stop legacy systems from ‘leaking’. Authorization needs to be like your collaboration – dynamic.

As an organization you must:

  • Securely open your infrastructure and systems while managing threats and data protection
  • Provide simple and automated tracking for auditing and reporting purposes
  • Scale authorization needs as business grows
team working

Enable teams to collaborate securely

APIs, cloud, social networks, big data, and microservices, are all collaboration channels, and they all pose a threat for leakage. Dynamic, run-time authorization from Axiomatics applies the same fine-grained principles to every data access point, to ensure collaboration is effective and secure. Only those users that have permission and meet the right conditions, can acceess sensitive data. Your teams work witih your trusted partners without concerns about assets.

Our platform
“Unlike earlier access control models, ABAC provides a multidimensional system that, through its use of attributes and policies, prevents role explosion, increases scalability, eliminates segregation of duty conflicts, and externalizes authorization for ease of management and control.” Fortune 500 Transportation Company - Manager of Information Assurance

Get the dynamic advantage

Control complexity

Bring structure to data security in large teams distributed across multiple regions and IT environments.

Collaborate securely

Share data securely to promote collaboraton, innovation, business growth.

Reduce costs

Reduce IT security coding costs and resource requirements.

Simplify reporting

Simplify reporting and get full transparency of data access rights.

Runtime authorization made simple

Axiomatics offers an agile and dynamic authorization solution that allows large enterprises to handle complex data security authorization challenges when conducting business at scale.

Real-time authorization

Enforce business policies in real-time for individuals, groups or connected devices. Apply them across any use cases and any environment.

Fine-grained authorization policies

Create manage and control who can access what, when, from where and for what reason to meet your evolving business needs.

Compliance audit

Get the necessary support to meet complex PII regulations including, GDPR, CCPA, MLA, and HIPPA, with auditable policies.

Deploy anywhere

Simplify reporting and get full transparency of data access rights.

Scalable & agnostic

Leverage Axiomatics suite of developers tools – SDKs, APIs, to easily implement and scale as your business grows.

Secure data

Secure data anywhere, dynamically and contextually no matter how complex the environment.

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