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Integrations that deliver policy-driven authorization across your enterprise

Integrations that deliver policy-driven authorization across your enterprise

Applying a Zero Trust approach to all authorization decisions at runtime is only effective if you can do so for all your important applications.

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Here’s a sample of some of the more common information and enforcement points
that our customers are connecting with today:

At the centre of an Orchestrated Authorization strategy are Zero Trust signals from across the ecosystem that inform dynamic access policies to be enforced in real-time based context.

These signals can come from many different sources including other security solutions or custom attribute sources with metadata unique to the organization.

Through Orchestrated Authorization, enterprises can connect policies to signals that inform who, what, where, when and why a user or machine is requesting access to an application/resource.

In turn, this shifts access decisions away from an implied trust model to a Zero Trust model that continuously evaluates policies based on real-time context.

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Axiomatics offers endless possibilities for enterprises to
orchestrate their existing solutions to enable as well as benefit
from a dynamic authorization policy

Amongst the enterprise ecosystem, there are six common areas where Axiomatics will integrate:

Identity Providers

By being able to integrate with standards such as OAuth and OpenID, Axiomatics can connect to an enterprise’ existing authentication provider of choice, such as Okta, Ping, and Microsoft.

Identity Governance

As organizations are seeking to mature their access control posture from one that is solely based on roles, Axiomatics can integrate with an identity governance provider to include roles as one attribute in a dynamic authorization policy. Read more about our certified integration with SailPoint.

Identity Threat Detection and Response

At the centre of a Zero Trust decision is a question of risk. With leading cyber security providers, such as Crowdstrike, providing real-time insights into user behavior, Axiomatics can leverage risk as a dynamic attribute to fulfill an identity threat detection and response outcome. Read more about our certified integration with CrowdStrike.


Enterprises often have many different types of solutions deployed for analytics. While Axiomatics can integrate its logs into any analytics solution, enterprises often choose to connect them with their Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution, such as Splunk.

Cloud Platforms and DevOps Tools

Axiomatics is often deployed in cloud native environments and integrates with DevOps tools to support the creation, testing, and orchestration of authorization policies.

Microservices and API Gateways

As organizations continue to focus on scale and speed, they are turning to the adoption of microservices as well as API gateways. As a result, Axiomatics can integrate its decision services with tools that support these infrastructures such as Envoy (service mesh architectures) as well as Mulesoft (API Gateways).

Just a few examples of solutions that Axiomatics can
connect with as part of the broader enterprise ecosystem

Given an API driven architecture and out of the box attribute connectors, the diagram is only a representative sample of vendors Axiomatics can integrate with.

Integrations with the Axiomatics authorization solution

In addition to leveraging signals for policy enforcement, Axiomatics can seamlessly integrate as part of the enterprise IT infrastructure whether it’s before cloud-specific requirements, analytics, or DevOps automation.

This enables organizations to offer their application development teams an authorization solution that integrates with their application development platforms and tools.

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Axiomatics & CrowdStrike: Integration for
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