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Authorization for Big Data

Authorization for Big Data

Secure applications for analytics and support your daily operations through our dynamic authorization solution’s externalized authorization architecture.

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At the heart of an attribute-based access control (ABAC) policy decision is a question about the permissions and entitlements a particular subject (user or machine) has when accessing data.

In the modern enterprise, sensitive data that must be controlled lives in every application/resource.

A modern approach to ABAC builds a centralized strategy that considers protecting data across two important business requirements:

  1. ABAC for applications/resources that support daily operations
  2. ABAC for applications that support decision making/analytics
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Axiomatics’ ABAC for applications/resources that supports
daily operations
through our solution’s externalized
authorization architecture

To support your requirements for ABAC for applications that serve decision making as well as analytical use cases, Axiomatics has chosen to partner with Immuta, a leading provider of best-of-breed, ABAC-based controls applied to big data platforms. This partnership provides a holistic solution for you to employ multi-layered ABAC models to the application, microservice/API as well as big data enforcements points throughout your organization.

Immuta integration with Axiomatics - ABAC for decision making, analytics, and daily operations
Axiomatics and Immuta - enforcement point chart

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