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Modern Web Application Security for “Cloud First” Initiatives

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The richness of Web Access Management (WAM) is critical to your organization because it’s often the hub of access for customers, employees, third parties and more. And so is your “Cloud First” strategy. Single sign-on is expected, but achieving this while securing access to your applications in a Cloud-Hybrid word is fraught with risks and complexity.

Join Gerry Gebel of Axiomatics and  IDF Connect CEO and veteran IAM architect Richard Sand for an overview of SSO/Rest, a pioneering technology that improves the way enterprise Single Sign-on (SSO) and WAM works with cloud-based applications.

This session features a live demonstration of a complete Web Access Management solution in the Cloud-Hybrid World. The demonstration will include how new advances in access enforcement enables you to include access enforcement directly into your application and your CI/CD processes, how the approach is containerized and integrates with your DevSecOps, and how to provide developers with simple yet powerful APIs to directly interact with your security services.