ABAC as code – Applying Modern DevOps to Policy Authoring

A webinar with NTT Data Federal and Axiomatics

ABAC as code – Applying Modern DevOps to Policy Authoring

All organizations face a range of data security challenges. Federal Agencies are balancing the demands of protecting critical information – sometimes vital to national security – with the need to have quick, effective inter-and intradepartmental communication. The commercial sector, while not dealing with national security issues, faces similar challenges when it comes to keeping information in the right hands.

A DevOps approach to externalized business policy engineering can ensure modern CI/CD processes help IT adoption of access control policy authoring.

This webinar will examine how we treat ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) policy as code, using the Abbreviated Language for Authorization (ALFA). You will see a demonstration of a realistic service-oriented system with a portal application, multiple API applications written in Java and .Net Core integrated with Axiomatics’ Access Decision Service (ADS). The demonstration will also utilize integration with Radiant Logic’s Federated ID and Okta for SSO. We will illustrate the benefits of treating ABAC policies as code with a demonstration of modern DevOps CI/CD tool chain that will take version-controlled policies and deploy them to the ADS.

This presentation of industry experts will be looking at a range of topics, including:

  • Integration of modern systems with portal applications and APIs, integrated with Axiomatics cloud-native PDP
  • Best practices of CI/CD processing to deploy Axiomatics policy packages
  • Demonstrating policy deployment without changing application code

Our Speakers

Paul Yu, Solutions Architect Manager, NTT Data Federal
Mike Good, Principal Engineer, NTT Data Federal
Farid Shahlavi, Principal Engineer, NTT Data Federal
Gerry Gebel, President, Axiomatics Federal