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Taking an identity-centric approach to a modern security architecture

A webinar with SailPoint, Exabeam and Axiomatics.

Organizations maintain critical information that could do grave harm to the company, the country, and its citizens if accessed by the wrong person. The commercial sector, while not dealing with national security issues, face similar challenges when it comes to keeping information in the right hands. All sectors invest heavily in protecting data from external threat actors, but the insider threat problem requires a new approach to access control. While protecting data is paramount, that requirement must be balanced with the need to share certain information across a variety of use case scenarios within and across agencies/departments.

Our user communities have expanded, the amount of data being created is growing exponentially, and the traditional network perimeter has disappeared. It’s no longer feasible to protect our most sensitive assets behind a single network wall where the fast path for a threat actor to steal data is through a compromised identity. Taking an identity-centric approach to modern security architecture helps organizations protect the weapons that are being used against us – the identity itself.

Integrating identity and security technologies to address a specific requirement is just one piece of the puzzle. A broader business initiative, such as Insider Threat, also requires an identity-centric approach to ensure security and optimal user experience. The identity-centric security approach provides real-time, intelligence-based access to data and applications by integrating IAM infrastructure with enterprise cybersecurity technologies.

This presentation of industry-leading vendors provides the framework and practical guidance that helps organizations put identity and analytics at the center of their security strategy, optimizing cybersecurity investments while controlling risk as IT infrastructures converge.

  • Meet Critical Mission Objectives with identity-centric security and Zero Trust
  • Align with Federal Compliance and Security objectives
  • Combat Insider Threat

The integrated solution allows organizations to:

  • Increase productivity with data-driven identity lifecycle automation
  • Ensure comprehensive visibility and control of users behavior for improved compliance
  • Detect anomalous behavior and mitigate access entitlement threats associated with compromised or rogue users
  • Enhance operational effectiveness through precise access to digital assets
  • Improve IT & SecOps by automating user deprovisioning or containment based on risk score


Gerry Gebel, President, Axiomatics Federal, Frank Briguglio, Global Public Sector Strategist, Sailpoint, and Chris Stewart, Sr Director of Business Development, Exabeam