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Healing Data Leakage in the Modern Health Care Environment


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The move to electronic records (EHR) in the health care industry – across providers, insurance companies and a multitude of third parties – has increased the speed of sharing records, and in theory, the quality of care provided to individuals. However, this instant-access ecosystem also introduces increased risk – as the more users that have access to sensitive information, the greater the risks of data leakage.

Replacing the “need-to-know” with the “need-to-share” approach may have fueled collaboration with partners, but is also needs to be balanced with the ease of management and the security of the system. Very often, these are at odds – and organizations end up either sharing more than they should or not sharing anywhere near enough.

Learn how an Attribute Based Access Control approach can help you put a solution in place that will reduce the likelihood of not only human error, but enforce granular data access controls across the ecosystem.

What you’ll learn:

  • The challenge of access control in the health care ecosystem
  • How to leverage your data to make smart access control decisions
  • How to meet compliance and regulatory demands
  • Health care industry use cases for ABAC
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