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Authorization for Big Data: Introducing SmartGuard


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We are seeing a strong, impressive adoption pace of Big Data systems within enterprises. Primarily driven by the various business and technical insights derived from the use of these systems, they depend on the quantity and quality of data and information captured in them. As more sensitive data is added to these Big Data systems, and as these systems converge with APIs and Internet of Things (IoT), the value and risk associated with the exposure of the data increases. The need of the hour is to be able to provide secure, policy-driven access to the data.

In this webinar we will introduce the latest product from Axiomatics, SmartGuardTM for Big Data, that helps organizations implement strict, fine-grained, and rich access control capabilities for data within these Big Data systems.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the need for providing strong access control to Big Data systems
  • Basic understanding of externalized and attribute based approach to access control
  • Introduction to SmartGuardTM for Big Data