Federal Mission: Dissemination and Information Sharing using ABAC

Law enforcement, defense, and intelligence agencies are under the obligation to securely share as much information as possible within their respective communities. The keyword here is “securely.” It is oftentimes the aggregate of data that provides actionable information to help agencies carry out their missions.  But how can an information owner share her data in a manner that is secure? How can one ensure that only those who are authorized to see sensitive information are able to view it?

This use case discusses how an ABAC model can be used to disseminate information between agencies widely and securely. By using a fine-grained, ABAC implementation such as Axiomatics Policy Server (APS), an agency can move from a “need-to-know” culture to a “responsibility to provide” mindset. while still providing data owners reassurance that their data is protected from unauthorized viewing.

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