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Granular Access Control for a Complex Business Model

The Company needed to securely share data throughout the complex delivery layers of a “B2B2C” model. The Company contracts third party organizations that perform sales, marketing, and product installation. Due to the unique nature of their financing product, The Company’s decision logic, workflow, reporting and permissions are complex, as they must work with several different entities and roles within entities.

The organization had outgrown its homegrown authorization system, affecting how they managed user access. Their existing logic was complex – in addition to being role-based – the permissions had been pieced together from multiple user issues over time. The Company wanted to ease the end user purchase process and enhance the overall customer experience through a new customer portal. In addition to these combined challenges, they needed to adhere to current – and be prepared for – future regulatory compliance requests. To solve these challenges, The Company was
introduced to Externalized Dynamic Authorization from Axiomatics.

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