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Axiomatics Resources : Case Studies

Learn how our Orchestrated Authorization solution helps enterprises meet the needs of today's access control challenges.

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Dynamic Authorization in the Banking and Finance industry

Dynamic Authorization addresses the most complex data access challenges for the Banking and Finance Industry. Read about a few use cases.

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Efficient enterprise-wide risk management and secure collaboration using ABAC

A major US automotive manufacturer was faced with a consolidation challenge for their authorization. They needed to move away from a home-grown solution.

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Granular Access Control for a Complex Business Model

In this Case Study, learn how a finance company for the renewables industry securely shares data throughout the complex delivery layers of a “B2B2C” model. The Company contracts third party organizations that perform sales, marketing, and product installation.

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European Bank Achieves Proactive Data Security, Compliance with ABAC

Learn how a global bank provided enhanced data security and achieved regulatory compliance with an policy-based, ABAC solution.

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Bell: Cutting through the Code to Meet Export Control Regulations

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Danish Defence – A Secure Solution for Sharing Information Electronically

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